5.0 PolyMap Limitations

The limitations described in this section apply to PolyMap as it is delivered. These limits are thought to be reasonable, and the user should rarely run up against them. However, if the limits present a problem, the user should contact Martin and Associates.

5.1 Map Limitations

The maximum number of maps that can be in a single PolyMap project is 2000.

5.2 Layer Limitations

There can be a maximum of 5 layers in a PolyMap project. Within each layer, a maximum of 100 TRACE types and 100 AREA names are allowed.

5.3 Trace/Polygon Limitations

The maximum number of points allowed in each TRACE is 20000. Due to a limit in the Winteracter graphics software, the maximum number of points allowed in a single filled polygon is 4095. There is no limit to the number of individual traces or areas that are entered into a map.