1.0 PolyMap Introduction

PolyMap is a powerful, interactive, graphical geologic modeling and pit planning system designed to enhance the useability of MicroMODEL. Like MicroMODEL, the system was originally written by a team of experts who have considerable experience in computer modeling and mine planning on a wide variety of mineral deposits. The result is a versatile and easy to use package offering interactive graphical geologic input capabilities, geologic display, and interactive open pit design and display.

PolyMap consists of a series of modules which are menu-driven. Each module contains several related programs. The user drives the system by interactively choosing a module and/or sub-module and then choosing the program he wishes to run. Each program is run interactively, with default responses initially displayed to aid the user. If the user changes the default response, the modified response will appear the next time the program is invoked. Each program can store a multiple number of input responses (answer sets). To further enhance the system, each user response is checked for data range errors based upon user-set limits, logical errors, and character type (real, integer, etc.). The system also includes on-line HELP for every prompt to aid the user in choosing the correct response. These features largely reduce the possibility of "User Error" and the need for continually consulting the user guide.

1.1 PolyMap Modules

PolyMap's main menu divides the system into four logical groupings of programs. It consists of the following modules or components:

There is also a File menu that contains the following options

1.1.1 Change Size of PolyMap Window

Use this choice to change the height and width of the PolyMap menu window.

1.1.2 Select Different PolyMap Directory

Use this choice to close the current project and start up another previously created PolyMap project, or start a new one.

1.1.3 Set Default Project Folder

Use this choice to define the parent folder under which new PolyMap projects will be created. You can create a PolyMap project anywhere on your computer, but this choice specifies the default starting point in the directory tree navigator.

1.1.4 Screen Preview of Plot File

Use this choice to display any previously created display files (plot files, *.PLT) on your screen.

1.1.5 AutoCAD DXF from PolyMap Plot

Use this choice to convert any previously created display files (plot files, *.PLT) to AutoCAD DXF format.

1.1.6 Print PolyMap Output

Use this choice to open any previously generated print files from Polymap in the defined text editor (see next choice)

1.1.7 Set Text Editor for Print Output

Use this choice to specify which program you wish to use when displaying print output from PolyMap. For example, NotePad.

1.1.8 Cleanup/Sort Answerfile Responses

Use this choice re-arrange the order of responses in any of the Polymap answer files (*.ANS). You may also delete one or more reponses.

1.1.9 Import PolyMap License File (Register)

Use this choice to replace your current license with a new license.

1.1.10 Disable Title Block Option

Use this choice to disable the use of the standard PolyMap title block.

1.1.12 Auto Update After Digitizing Geology

It is strongly suggested to keep this option checked. When checked, the polygon generating program (Update Digitized Geology and Create Polygons) is automatically run each time you exit the Digitize Geologic Data program. All maps that have been "touched" during a given editing session will automatically be updated.

When PolyMap was first devoloped, this update process took a noticeable amount of time and was therefore kept as a separate program. Today, the process is so fast that you will hardly notice a delay when exiting from the Digitize Geology program.

1.1.13 Auto Run PFILL After Digitizing Geology

It is strongly suggested to keep this option checked. When checked, the Plot Filled Polygons program is run, using the current answer set. If you are using the filled polygons as a background display, then the display file will get regenerated each time you exit the geology digitizing program.

1.2 Use of the User Guide and Documentation

The User Guide and Documentation is divided into two volumes. Volume I contains the Introduction, Overview, General System Conventions and Instructions, and Glossary of PolyMap terminology. Volume II contains information specific to each program which will assist the user during execution of the PolyMap programs. Volume II also includes information on file nomenclature and organization, to serve as a technical reference for advanced users.

Volumes I and II are intended to serve as a quick reference for PolyMap users. For convenience, the User Guide and Documentation sections and tables have been numbered to correspond with PolyMap's modules and menu choices whenever possible.

It is recommended that the user study the User Guide, Volume I, to gain an understanding of PolyMap's methods and procedures. An overall understanding of PolyMap will enable the user to anticipate the implications of his modelling procedures and effectively utilize PolyMap's features. While Volume I is to be read as a whole, Volume II is designed as a reference, to answer specific questions.

1.3 System Requirements

PolyMap will run on any Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8 PC. The system requirements are: