Subheadings for this chapter are as follows:

MicroMODEL is a powerful, interactive, three-dimensional deposit modeling and mine planning system. The system has been written by a team of experts who have considerable experience in computer modeling and mine planning on a wide variety of mineral deposits. The result is a versatile and easy to use package offering three-dimensional deposit block modeling and open-pit evaluation capabilities.

MicroMODEL consists of a series of modules which are menu-driven. Each module contains several programs and sub-modules. The user drives the system by interactively choosing a module and/or sub-module and then choosing the program he wishes to run. Each program is run interactively, with default responses initially displayed to aid the user. Each program can store a multiple number of input responses (answer sets). To further enhance the system, each user response is checked for data range errors based upon user-set limits, logical errors, and character type (real, integer, etc.). The system also includes on-line HELP for most prompts to aid the user in choosing the correct response. These features largely reduce the possibility of "User Error" and the need for continually consulting the user guide.

1.1 MicroMODEL Specifications

MicroMODEL's main menu follows the typical sequence involved in deposit modeling and surface mine planning and consists of the following modules or components:

Each of these modules provides a variety of graphical and printed output. Each module is described further in this document.

1.2 Use of the User Guide and Documentation

The User Guide and Documentation is divided into two volumes. Volume I contains the Introduction, Overview, General System Conventions and Instructions, and Glossary of MicroMODEL terminology. Volume II contains information specific to each program which will assist the user during execution of the MicroMODEL programs. Volume II also includes information on file nomenclature and organization, to serve as a technical reference for advanced users.

Volumes I and II are intended to serve as a quick reference for MicroMODEL users. For convenience, the User Guide and Documentation sections and tables have been numbered to correspond with MicroMODEL's modules and menu choices whenever possible.

It is recommended that the user study the User Guide, Volume I, to gain an understanding of MicroMODEL's methods and procedures. An overall understanding of MicroMODEL will enable the user to anticipate the implications of his modeling procedures and effectively utilize MicroMODEL's features. While Volume I is to be read as a whole, Volume II is designed as a reference, to answer specific questions.

1.3 System Requirements

MicroMODEL has been designed to run with a variety of hardware combinations. It can be successfully run on "average" powered systems and even on small footprint netbooks. The system requirements are: